Escape To Summerland in Handmade Jewellery

Hitting up the Maya Riviera and Belize this January will be all about a best friend’s destination wedding, soaking up the sun on warm beaches, and staying healthy and safe while making it an adventure of a lifetime!

Sounds fun right?  Well yes, of course it will be, but only on a macro level considering parties, snorkelling in the cenotes, friends, and much more!  When I started to do the actual planning I realized that this was a recipe for disaster because I need to find clothing, jewellery, and shoes, which are all out of season in Canada!  Little did I know iCraft is a one-stop shop for bikinis, barefoot sandals, and jewellery which you can check out here Wedding and bridesmaid dresses are also available!

Handmade Jewellery

One jewellery designer who particularly caught my attention was Designs by Debra.  Originating from Walnut Grove in British Columbia, Canada, she uses genuine gemstones like tiger’s eye and turquoise in combination with coral and sterling silver to create beautiful pieces with sophistication and whimsy.

Genuine Gemstones

This is everything I want to embody in my trip and my fashion statement.  I want to look beautiful but understated, not flashy or gaudy and this designer has captured that perfectly!

Another wonderful option I will be shopping for along with the other bridesmaids in the party, are barefoot sandals, perfect for a beach wedding.  Often we are out on the sand, and I would much rather go barefoot than contend with a wedge sandal or other type of dressy shoe.  These will just leave my feet feeling heavy while I unintentionally kick up sand on myself and everyone else!  With a barefoot sandal my feet will still look pretty and I can enjoy nature between my toes.  I will be sure to match my nail polish or if that proves difficult, at least keep it in a similar tone.

But I digress; the best part about this trip will be the fact that I’m visiting an area of the world I have never seen before and I get to do it all in the name of my two best friends celebrating their love with their friends and family beside them.  I get to experience a new culture and view sights and sounds that are interesting and new.  There will be music to the heart’s content, (I love the sound of the Spanish guitar), and vibrant colour in the natural and man-made surroundings alike. Not to mention sand and ocean as far as the eye can see!

I know for sure Icanemulate this beauty in the surroundings of the south in my clothing and jewellery with the help of iCraft.  Now all I have to do is to thank my girlfriend who told me, “iCraft offers unique handmade gifts!”and made my life a little simpler.

Bon voyage!

Image Credits:  Designs by Debra